Nour Kadri

Nour Kadri is a Professor at the University of Ottawa in their MBA and Executive MBA programs as well as their graduate programs in Digital Transformation and Innovation. He is the President & CEO of Skyline Health Systems and an Advisor to the SUKAD Corporation which he co-founded. His research areas include Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Primary and Community HealthCare, Strategic Management, Smart Cities, and the Internet of Things (and People).

Nour brings deep expertise from government, private and academic sectors to his leadership role. He is a coalition-builder who works across diverse communities with a talent for innovation and practical problem solving.

“In all my personal and professional endeavours, I have been committed to progressive action, bringing people together, and unlocking their potential."

Central to his vision for Ottawa as an inclusive and livable city are universal access to affordable housing, quality health and human services, effective policing, meeting the needs of diverse communities and an unflinching commitment to equity, anti-racism, and Indigenous reconciliation. An innovative Ottawa will leverage the robust engineering, science and governmental communities to deliver high tech jobs, sustainable infrastructure and service delivery.

"I believe in an open, citizen-centred approach to good governance - fiscal responsibility, service delivery, accessibility, and equity for underserved communities."

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